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Carrots & Peas 300g

Carrots & Peas 300g

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Carrots 85%, Peas 15%

Minced Raw Carrots and Peas, packed with vitamins, fibre, beta carotene, low calorie, low fat supports immune system, eye health and healthy skin and coat

Indulge your pup in the wholesome delights of our Carrot & Peas Raw Dog Food, a vibrant medley that brings the goodness of the garden straight to your doorstep. Specially crafted with care, this nutrient-packed blend offers a taste of nature's bounty and essential nutrition for your canine companion.

Key Features:

1. Garden-Fresh Ingredients:

Our Carrot & Peas Raw Dog Food is a celebration of garden-fresh goodness. Packed with crisp carrots and sweet peas, this blend provides a colourful and flavourful palette that dogs love.

2. Vitamin-Rich Carrots:

Carrots take centre stage in this nutritious mix, offering a rich source of vitamins, including beta-carotene. Support your pup's eye health, immune system, and skin condition with the natural goodness of carrots.

3. Protein-Packed Peas:

Peas add a protein boost to the mix, supporting your dog's muscle development and overall vitality. These little green powerhouses also bring dietary fibre, promoting healthy digestion and satiety.

4. Easily Digestible and Delicious:

Designed with your dog's digestive well-being in mind, our Carrot & Peas Raw Dog Food offers a delightful combination of flavours and textures. It's an easily digestible option that adds variety and nutritional value to your pup's mealtime.

5. Locally Sourced, Near You:

We take pride in sourcing our ingredients locally to ensure freshness and support the community. With our raw dog food available near you, your pup can enjoy the benefits of a garden-inspired diet without compromising on convenience.

How to Serve:

Feeding your pup a bowl full of garden goodness is simple. Thaw the recommended portion and serve as part of their regular meals. Whether as a standalone meal or a nutritious topper, this raw dog food blend is a delicious and wholesome choice for your furry friend.

Elevate your dog's dining experience with our Carrot & Peas Raw Dog Food – a colourful and nutritious blend available near you. Order now and let your pup enjoy the garden-fresh goodness that's just a paw's reach away!

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