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Minced Free Range Chicken 800g

Minced Free Range Chicken 800g

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Crude Protein 15%, Crude Oils & Fats 12%, Moisture 69%, Ash 4%

Chicken Mince & Bone

Great for sensitive tummies, single protein meal. High in Vitamins B6 and B12 as well as Potassium, Magnesium, Folate and Zinc.


Introduce your pup to a culinary experience like no other with our Free-Range Chicken Raw Dog Food – a premium blend that combines the purity of free-range chicken with the convenience of raw feeding. Sourced with care and delivered straight to your door, this high-quality raw dog food promises a wholesome and nutrient-packed meal for your four-legged friend.

Key Features:
1. Ethical and Premium Free-Range Chicken:
Our Free-Range Chicken Raw Dog Food is crafted from the finest cuts of free-range chicken, ensuring a high-quality protein source that supports muscle development, energy, and overall canine vitality. Give your pup the benefits of a truly ethical and premium diet.

2. Rich in Essential Nutrients:
Free-range chicken is naturally rich in essential nutrients such as lean protein, vitamins, and minerals. This raw dog food provides a balanced nutritional profile to support your dog's overall health, immune system, and energy levels.

3. Grain-Free and Easily Digestible:
Promote digestive wellness with our grain-free formula. By eliminating grains and unnecessary fillers, our Free-Range Chicken Raw Dog Food ensures easy digestion, making it an excellent choice for dogs with sensitivities or allergies.

4. Ethically Sourced and Delivered:
We believe in transparency and sustainability. Our free-range chicken is sourced from ethical producers, and our raw dog food is delivered directly to your doorstep, guaranteeing a wholesome and convenient feeding solution for your pup.

5. No Additives or Preservatives:
Embrace the simplicity of raw feeding with our Free-Range Chicken Raw Dog Food. Free from additives or preservatives, this natural option aligns with your dog's evolutionary diet, providing a pure and unprocessed dining experience.

How to Order:
Ordering our Free-Range Chicken Raw Dog Food is quick and easy. Visit our website, choose the quantity that suits your pup's needs, and enjoy the convenience of having this premium blend delivered to your home.

Elevate your dog's dining experience with our Free-Range Chicken Raw Dog Food – a flavourful and nutrient-rich option that promises tail-wagging satisfaction. Order now and let your pup enjoy the pasture-to-paw goodness of this culinary canine delight

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